Shipping and returns

Shipping times:

Our ability to keep prices low is dependent upon less expensive shipping options, and since our highly demanded stock is based all over the world - it usually takes 2-4 weeks for your package to arrive. Since we source different products from different locations, multi-product orders may arrive as separate packages.

For some packages, please allow 2-4 days for your order to process. Be sure to add this duration to your shipping time estimates.

Return/Refund Information:

We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee with your package. Please contact us for refund requests.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible if a package is undeliverable because of missing, incomplete, or incorrect destination information. We do our best to avoid errors by verifying the shipping information with every customer in the order confirmation sent immediately after ordering. Costs to reship the package will be invoiced to the customer.

Shipping Policies is not responsible for tax and/or duty charges in your country that your order may incur. Customers will be accountable for any restrictions, duties, taxes, and any other fees collected from the destination country, prior to ordering.

If the order arrives in your country and...

-The customer refuses to accept the package;
-No attempt is made in the country of destination to deliver the package; reserves the right to abandon the package(s) and will not be responsible for any refund.