Ultra-lightweight Ergonomic Laptop Stand

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Say Goodbye To Poor Posture When Using Your Laptop

With a laptop, you get to stay productive whether at the desk, the coffee shop or on the couch. However, people tend to hunch over when working on a laptop, which can lead to muscle strain and pain in the upper back, neck, shoulders, hands, wrists, and arms.

You can improve the ergonomics of using a laptop with our Ultra-lightweight Adjustable Laptop Stand by raising the height of your laptop to maintain better posture while you use it.

Unlike other traditional laptop stands that are too bulky to carry around or require time to set up (eating into your productivity), this stand is conveniently attached to your laptop.

The innovative origami-style design allows you to simply pull out the folds for instant height adjustment. 

When folded in, the stand is virtually invisible due to its ultra-thin and lightweight design. 


Easy to assemble and remove without leaving any residue on your laptop